Do you want the Protection offered by the DMCA, but don’t want your personal contact details to be public information?

DMCA Compliance requires that you list a person and their full contact information on your website/apps and with the Copyright Office.

At a minimum, you risk receiving an avalanche of spam. In a worst case scenario, you might have unwanted critics or “fans” showing up at your home or office. Identity theft is also a never ending threat – Is it worth the risk when a solution costs less than a couple of fancy coffees a month?


We charge each separate ISP $75 per calendar year for an unlimited amount of websites and/or apps listed in connection with the same ISP, for up to 25 takedown request notifications received per year. Each 25 additional takedown requests above 25 incurs an additional $55 added to the basic annual fee (i.e. 75 takedowns across all sites/apps would equal $185 each year).

What is The DMCA?

The DMCA provides Internet-connected platforms such as websites and apps with immunity from copyright infringement claims based on content uploaded by users. This protection is known as the DMCA safe harbor. Facebook and YouTube use the law to avoid copyright lawsuits, and you can as well. To gain this protection, you must comply with a number of simple requirements. One is the designation of an agent to receive copyright complaints. This person and their contact information must be listed on your website or app and registered with the Copyright Office.

Your Personal Privacy Exposed

Most ISPs looking to avoid disclosing their public information on the DMCA directory are solo operators or small businesses. Large companies simply use a law firm or designate some person or department in-house to act as its agent. Of course, individuals working from home have much different circumstances. You can act as the agent for your website or app. Nothing in the law prevents this. The problem is the agent’s name, address, phone number, and email address must be listed with the designation. This information appears on your site or app as well as in the easily searched online database of agents maintained by the Copyright Office. At a minimum, you risk receiving a tsunami of email spam and cold calls. In a worst case scenario, you might have unwanted critics or “fans” showing up at your home or office. Identity theft is also a never-ending threat. Given the risks, most site owners use a service such as ours.

The Solution

With our service, you receive the following:

1. Registration of the ISP (you or your business) and corresponding domains/apps under our master account with the U.S. Copyright Office.

2.  A person (law firm) who will act as the agent listed on your online properties and in the Copyright Office agent database so the agent personal contact information is not exposed.

3. Receipt of all copyright complaints we may receive (by forwarding the email) for your online properties.

Please note that this service does not include evaluating or responding to the copyright complaints. You must handle the complaints yourself, or retain legal counsel in your area. If you elect to handle complain processing internally.

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